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  • Homage to Normandy
    Homage to Normandy $80.00 Choose Options
    Homage to Normandy is a tribute to all the soldiers who lost their lives during the Battle of Normandy in the Second World War. The first movement, 'Elegy: For All of the Fallen,' is a beautifully powerful chorale that...
  • Homestead Suite
    Homestead Suite $100.00 Choose Options
    Homestead Suite suggests three excursions short distances away from the “old home place”, each expressing a different character – Down the Street, By the River, and At the Fair.Genre: Band | # of Players:...
  • Hot Cha-Cha
    Hot Cha-Cha $55.00 Choose Options
    Hot Cha-Cha is an authentic and danceable work featuring infectious Latin unison rhythms and appealing melodies. Comfortable ranges for winds and brasses.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 2 | Duration: 2:20...
  • Hymn for Africa
    Hymn for Africa $70.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by the release of Nelson Mandela in the early 1990s, Hymn for Africa pays tribute to the sense of dignity and peace that he brought not only to South Africa, but around the entire globe. As the beautifully lush...
  • I Have A Dream
    I Have A Dream $70.00 Choose Options
    As the title suggests, I Have a Dream a musical tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King." The piece parallels his famous speech in three sections: March on Washington, Trials and Tribulations, and Free At Last, which is a setting...
  • Immortal Dream (band version)
    Immortal Dream (band version) $80.00 Choose Options
    The title, Immortal Dream is taken from a verse of the traditional Irish ballad, “Old Skibereen.” This poignant song is full of tragedy and passion, describing the Irish famine of 1846-47. While most of the...
  • In a Garden with Koi
    In a Garden with Koi $45.00 Choose Options
    In a Garden With Koi creates a peaceful image of walking through a Japanese garden and sitting by a pond filled with those large, beautiful and docile goldfish (koi). Take your young band students on a trip to the Far East...
  • Indah Pagi
    Indah Pagi $70.00 Choose Options
    While much of the indigenous music of Bali is played on percussion instruments, not woodwind & brass as in a concert band, there are certain aspects of the style captured within Indah Pagi. The narrative of the music is...
  • Intrada/Brazilian Folk Song
    Intrada/Brazilian Folk Song $35.00 Add To Cart
    Two more items from Kevin Thompson's "And The Band Played On" collection are now published as a pair. Both require different skills; the Intrada is ideal for developing overall sound and the charming Brazilian Folk Song...
  • Irish
    Irish $75.00 Choose Options
    Consisting of three Celtic-infused melodies, Irish features three contrasting sections – a nostalgic & heartfelt ballad, a rollicking & energetic jig, and a quick toe-tapping reel. Genre: Band | # of Players:...
  • Irish Posy, An
    Irish Posy, An $60.00 Add To Cart
    Genre: Band# of Players: Standard Level: 3.5
  • Irish Washerwoman
    Irish Washerwoman $65.00 Choose Options
    Irish Washerwoman is one of the most well-known and beloved Irish jigs. This arrangement for solo xylophone and concert band originally appeared in a collection of Irish tunes for xylophone and marimba trio, titled "The...
  • Italian Carol
    Italian Carol $72.00 Choose Options
    A stunning setting of an ancient Italian Carol. Consistent with Zaninelli's contrapuntal skills, after first offering us a warm, tender exposition of the ancient carol, he then presents an original section of pastoral...
  • Italian Postcards Suite
    Italian Postcards Suite $85.00 Choose Options
    Italian Postcards Suite is three-movement gem that captures the composer's different impressions of Italy beautifully, evident in the programmatic titles of each movement – "Last night we danced the Tarantella," "The...
  • Jamaican Cocktail
    Jamaican Cocktail $50.00 Choose Options
    Let this medley of three Jamaican folksongs, presented in a cheerful calypso style, transport you to far off lands with sun, sea, sand, and syncopation!Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 3:00...
  • Jeju Memoir (Band Gr. 4)
    Jeju Memoir (Band Gr. 4) $80.00 Choose Options
    Blending a traditional Korean folk song with standard concert band timbres, David Gillingham's colorful work is sure to be a fresh and welcome addition to your ensemble's repertoire.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard...