Grade 4

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  • Band Trip
    Band Trip $85.00 Choose Options
    Reber Clark's Band Trip attempts to encompass the many events a student might encounter on a typical school band trip – the excitement of performance, the travel, the new experiences, some drama and a lot of craziness...
  • Bandutopia
    Bandutopia $60.00 Add To Cart
    Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 4 | Duration: 4:00 InstrumentationPiccolo Flute 1 Flute 2 Oboe 1 Oboe 2 Bb Clarinet 1 Bb Clarinet 2 Bb Clarinet 3 Eb Alto Clarinet Bb Bass Clarinet Bassoon 1 Bassoon 2 Eb Alto...
  • Barn Dance and Cowboy Hymn
    Barn Dance and Cowboy Hymn $80.00 Choose Options
    A brilliantly inventive miniature from gifted British composer Philip Sparke. He uses the famous dance, but gives it new twists and turns of rhythm and meter. Halfway through the cowboys are heard singing in the distance and...
  • Baroque Celebration
    Baroque Celebration $80.00 Choose Options
    Baroque Celebration is based on what might have happened if a baroque composer would have had access to the incredible forces of the modern wind ensemble. The director is encouraged to experiment with various combinations of...
  • Battle Cry for Freedom, The (Root)
    Battle Cry for Freedom, The (Root) $92.00 Choose Options
    An arrangement one of the most popular songs during the American Civil War, Noah D. Taylor's, The Battle Cry for Freedom is sure to inspire patriotic spirit. This dramatic work is tuneful, yet features "rousingly" aggressive...
  • Be Thou My Vision (band version)
    Be Thou My Vision (band version) $89.00 Choose Options
    It's not often you come across a composition that offers the high level of musical merit needed to appeal to directors and also offers an emotional depth able to truly move an audience. This is such a piece. Gillingham bases...
  • Beautiful River
    Beautiful River $80.00 Choose Options
    Beautiful River was written in memory of a high school percussion student who was killed in an automobile accident. Despite the tragic nature of the accident, the piece does not attempt to serve as an elegy, but rather a...
  • Berlin Rag, The
    Berlin Rag, The $60.00 Add To Cart
    Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 4
  • Beside Still Waters
    Beside Still Waters $90.00 Choose Options
    Beside Still Waters is a chorale fantasy on the hymn "He Leadeth Me" seeking to highlight both the peaceful and dramatic message of the words. As you have come to expect from Gillingham, this masterful wind ensemble work is...
  • Beyond the Chorale (Band Warm-Up Collection)
    Beyond the Chorale (Band Warm-Up Collection) $48.00 Choose Options
    Beyond the Chorale is a collection of 10 short, miniature concert pieces with a variety of styles, textures, timbral combinations, tonalities, rhythms, harmonies, and melodic material that transcend the traditional...
  • Black Rainbow
    Black Rainbow $140.00 Choose Options
    Black Rainbow is a work for 6 solo percussionists and symphonic band that explores the elusive and mystical moonbow – a rainbow produced by light reflected off the surface of the moon. The work divides into seven...
  • Blessing (Band Gr. 4)
    Blessing (Band Gr. 4) $75.00 Choose Options
    Adapted from the second movement of Gillingham's "Concerto for Horn," Blessing begins with a hymn tune stated by the horns and is subsequently developed through the movement with various textures and timbres. The work ends...
  • Breakthrough
    Breakthrough $90.00 Choose Options
    A powerful and thematic work, Breakthrough was inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall. The music composition utilizes brief fragments of the East and West German National Anthems for much of the work's nucleus. Also...
  • Bridges Over the River Cam
    Bridges Over the River Cam $125.00 Choose Options
    Bridges Over the River Cam portrays the reflections of the composer during his life as an undergraduate. All the elements of student life are featured; walks along the river, the organist lending his fugue a touch of...
  • Bright Gleams a Beacon
    Bright Gleams a Beacon $100.00 Choose Options
    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Frank Tracz as director of bands at Kansas State University and the university's own 150th anniversary, Gillingham used fragments of the school's alma mater to craft a delightful and...
  • Caccia
    Caccia $85.00 Choose Options
    Bringing all the excitement of the hunt to life, Caccia is full of energy and flair featuring several tuneful solos feature the saxophone, flute, trumpet and oboe. Complex rhythms and mixed meters make this piece a fantastic...