Grade 3

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  • Don't Tell William
    Don't Tell William $40.00 Add To Cart
    Genre: Band# of Players: Standard Level: 3
  • Dramatic Overture, A
    Dramatic Overture, A $80.00 Choose Options
    This overture is full of dramatic force and harmonic intensity. It sparkles while maintaining a sharp musical focus. Soaring!Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 4:00 InstrumentationPiccolo Flute 1/2...
  • Dream of Coming Home, A
    Dream of Coming Home, A $75.00 Choose Options
    A Dream of Coming Home was created and written for middle school through professional ensembles. Heavily cross-cued, it can be successfully performed with full or limited instrumentation as indicated.Genre: Band | # of...
  • Driven
    Driven $115.00 Choose Options
    Driven is a rhythmic work that brings together fractions of melodic ideas, augmented and juxtaposed against each other.Genre: Concert Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 3.5 | Duration: 4:40 InstrumentationFlute 1, 2...
  • Drums of Rwanda
    Drums of Rwanda $70.00 Choose Options
    Drums of Rwanda celebrates the struggle of the people of Rwanda to overcome the tremendous forces of evil using the Rwanda National Anthem adopted in 2001.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 3:30...
  • Eden's Coast and the Sea
    Eden's Coast and the Sea $100.00 Choose Options
    Musical images of the natural beauty of the coast and countryside of the south-eastern coastal communities of New South Wales, such as Eden.Genre: Concert Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 4:50...
  • El Toro Bailec ("The Dancing Bull")
    El Toro Bailec ("The Dancing Bull") $70.00 Choose Options
    Transport yourself to Spain and step into the ring with the “Dancing Bull” in this delightful work by David Long. Driven by castanets and contrasted by lush, lyrical melodies, El Toro Bailec will have the...
  • Entr'acte & Toreador's Song (Bizet)
    Entr'acte & Toreador's Song (Bizet) $40.00 Choose Options
    "Carmen" can be considered to be Bizet's crowning achievement. Geoffrey Brand's skillful arrangement brings two of Bizet's most popular themes – Entr'acte & Toreador's Song – within the reach of technically...
  • Escape from Chronopolis
    Escape from Chronopolis $80.00 Choose Options
    Race against the clock in this adventure-filled fantasy! The colorful percussion writing emulates the sounds of various timepieces with temple blocks, chimes, bells, and shakers. You can always expect the unexpected when you...
  • Euouae
    Euouae $92.00 Choose Options
    Based on the "Seculorum Amen" passage of the medieval chant 'Gloria Patri,' Euouae takes the listener on a journey through numerous transformations while retaining the original meditative intent of the chant.Genre: Band | #...
  • Evening Music
    Evening Music $95.00 Choose Options
    This gorgeous setting of Rainer Maria Rilke's poem "Abend" captures the dark and mystical undertones of the text. Ogren's masterful scoring in Evening Music allows the soloist to soar above the ensemble so that every...
  • Everlasting Legacy, An (Band Gr. 3)
    Everlasting Legacy, An (Band Gr. 3) $80.00 Choose Options
    An Everlasting Legacy is an emotionally charged piece, dedicated to the passing of a beloved family member. Both performers and audiences can expect to experience moments of tranquility, tension, peacefulness, and discord,...
  • Everlasting Light, The (Martin Cordner)
    Everlasting Light, The (Martin Cordner) $65.00 Choose Options
    Martin Cordner's The Everlasting Light is a reflective arrangement based on the well-known Christmas carol 'O Little Town of Bethlehem.' The title is derived from the couplet from the first verse of the carol that says, "Yet...
  • Excelsior
    Excelsior $105.00 Choose Options
    Ever upward (from the Latin: Excelsus: ex-‘out, beyond’ + celsus ‘lofty’). We often find ourselves striving for our best with energy and vigour. Excelsior allows the band to take the listener on a...
  • Fairground Suite
    Fairground Suite $80.00 Choose Options
    Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: InstrumentationProgram...
  • Falling Stars (Band Gr. 2.5)
    Falling Stars (Band Gr. 2.5) $70.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by a poem of the same name by Rainer Maria Rilke, Falling Stars paints a picture of reflection, wonder, and longing through its vivid imagery of a meteor shower. Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 2.5 |...