Grade 5

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  • Sinfonietta for Wind Orchestra
    Sinfonietta for Wind Orchestra $125.00 Choose Options
    This early Stuart Johnson work is now standard repertoire. Each movement of Sinfonietta for Wind Orchestra can be played separately, or 3 movements can be used as a suite. Challenging yet tuneful, this piece will always...
  • Songs of the West (Holst)
    Songs of the West (Holst) $130.00 Choose Options
    The melodies in Songs of the West differ in styles, keys, and tempos from the original Holst work, A Somerset Rhapsody The nautical nature of the coastal region is evident in many of the melodies. Genre: Band | # of Players:...
  • Suite in B-flat
    Suite in B-flat $130.00 Choose Options
    Suite in B-flat is in three movements. The first section is jaunty and lighthearted, the second is subdued and tranquil, whilst the third is a symphonic march which gives the bands plenty of chance to blow their socks off...
  • Symphony AD 78
    Symphony AD 78 $225.00 Choose Options
    A powerful work. THe opening fanfare of Symphony AD 78 leads directly to an Allegro risoluto, which exudes determination and forthrightness. The second movement follows without a break and is a continuous plaint in which the...
  • Tombstone, Arizona
    Tombstone, Arizona $95.00 Add To Cart
    Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 6 | Duration: InstrumentationProgram...
  • Trombone Concerto (band)
    Trombone Concerto (band) $225.00 Choose Options
    Derek Bourgeois' Trombone Concerto is a substantial twenty-minute piece in three movements, "Allegro," "Adagio," and "Presto." Because trombonists from the worlds of pop and jazz would attend the premiere as well as...
  • Variations on a Bass Theme (George Lloyd)
    Variations on a Bass Theme (George Lloyd) $225.00 Choose Options
    Full of intrigue and mystery, Variations on a Bass Theme is a treat for the ears. A plethora of thematic material emerges out of tuba section in the opening bar, creating the jumping off point for the whole work. Lloyd takes...