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02-g-m-brand-vector-logo.pngG & M Brand Publications represents the cream of British music for concert band. Guided by the musical taste of Geoffrey and Michael Brand, the catalogue features fine original works and arrangements by Holst, Grainger and Jacob together with contemporary composers such as Derek Bourgeois, Paul Hart, Philip Sparke, Edward Gregson, Joseph Horovitz and Adam Gorb.

The catalogue is also distinguished by arrangements of classical repertoire by Geoffrey Brand plus original graded compositions by Bruce Fraser, Michael Brand and Stuart Johnson. G & M Brand Publications also publish works for small wind ensemble, solos with piano accompaniment and a growing list for orchestra and string orchestra.

Website: http://gmbrand.co.uk

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  • Canons and Cadenzas
    Canons and Cadenzas $110.00 Add To Cart
    After a slow introduction, Canons and Cadenzas takes off and features just what the title implies – a collection of canons and cadenzas featuring every section of the ensemble. Bedford masterfully layers motive...
  • Captain General, The
    Captain General, The $75.00 Choose Options
    Written in honor of the the Captain General of the Royal Marines, this brisk march is full of dynamic twists and turns to keep you on your toes.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3.5 | Duration: 2:30...
  • Carnaby Street
    Carnaby Street $125.00 Choose Options
    As a part of the Royal Tournament Series, Carnaby Street must "entertain." Paul Hart has written a piece with audiences and artists in mind. With fast rhythms and a pulse that never slows, this one will send you to the edge...
  • Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saë‘ns)
    Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saë‘ns) $130.00 Choose Options
    Give the humor of this Fantasy its due. The Carnival of the Animals is meant to be enjoyed!Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 4.5 | Duration: 14:00 Instrumentation1st Flute/Piccolo 2nd Flute 1st Oboe 2nd Oboe* 1st...
  • Carnival of the Insects
    Carnival of the Insects $85.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by Saint-Saëns' Carnival of the Animals, this work depicts many of the insects we know and love using interesting effects like tapping small sticks. Bands may like to perform Carnival of the Insects as a...
  • Carnival!
    Carnival! $55.00 Choose Options
    Carnival! is a samba set in the famous streets of Rio. Performers should be encouraged to treat it in a big band style and really "go for it". The percussion should use the notated samba pattern as a basis for what you can...
  • Cartoon (band version)
    Cartoon (band version) $135.00 Choose Options
    It's all here! The big opening credits, the cat and the mouse tease and chase, the strutting swagger, and of course the BIG FINALE! Best of all, it can all happen in the imagination of the audience, not on the film screen...
  • Chanson de Matin (Elgar)
    Chanson de Matin (Elgar) $55.00 Choose Options
    Genre: Solo Flute with Band | # of Players: Standard + 1 Level: 2.5 | Duration: 3:00 InstrumentationFlute 1 Flute 2 Oboe Bb Clarinet 1 Bb Clarinet 2 Bb Clarinet 3 Bb Bass Clarinet Bassoon Eb Alto Saxophone 1 Eb Alto...
  • Cherubino's Aria (Mozart)
    Cherubino's Aria (Mozart) $40.00 Choose Options
    Brand utilizes the flutes as the featured instrument in this lighthearted arrangement of Cherubino's Aria from the Mozart's opera "The Marriage of Figaro." The song, entitle "Voi che sapete" (Tell me fair ladies), is...
  • ChéŽ Faro (Gluck)
    ChéŽ Faro (Gluck) $35.00 Choose Options
    Michaelson utilizes the flutes as the featured instrument in this heartbreaking arrangement of Gluck's most famous aria from the opera "Orpheus." Orpheus is in despair at this point in the opera: he sings of losing his love...
  • Choral No. 2 for Organ (Franck)
    Choral No. 2 for Organ (Franck) $130.00 Choose Options
    Grainger's passionately humanistic setting of Franck's Chorale No. 2 is uniquely suited to the resources of the modern concert band. He did not want the band to sound like an organ. Instead, he created a rich, voice like...
  • Circus Ring
    Circus Ring $130.00 Choose Options
    This colourful scene is brilliantly captured in Paul Hart's tour-de-force Circus Ring, as the jugglers, cyclists, acrobats, and clowns make their appearance, dressed up in an astonishing variety of musical colours from...
  • Circus Suite, A
    Circus Suite, A $80.00 Choose Options
    All the excitement of the Big Top is contained within four short movements, but the safety net is well in place in the shape of ample cross-cuing. This is longer than the average "easy" piece and slightly more difficult,...
  • Clarinetango
    Clarinetango $40.00 Choose Options
    This clarinet section feature should get your section moving - or even dancing in the aisles! Scottish composer Bruce Fraser has established himself as a successful writer at all levels, from witty easy pieces to...
  • Comedy Overture
    Comedy Overture $130.00 Choose Options
    A slow introduction gives way to the "chirpy" theme which is developed, inverted, and accents displaced across the bar line to give a 3/2 feel against the written meter. Restlessness leads to a tranquillo presented by the...
  • Concert Prelude
    Concert Prelude $75.00 Choose Options
    After a majestic fanfare introduction, a quick-paced syncopated section ensues with long legato lines soaring above the texture in the upper woodwinds. Just what you would expect from Philip Sparke... a piece that will make...