Grade 3

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  • Windpower
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    Windpower evokes the relentless machine-like rhythm of a modern industrial engine powered by air. The machine minder lives next to this world every day, but during his work his mind drifts to more pleasant pursuits; a walk...
  • Wine, Woman and Song (Strauss)
    Wine, Woman and Song (Strauss) $50.00 Add To Cart
    Written in 1869, this famous waltz (Op. 333) by Johann Strauss is masterfully arranged for bands by Geoffrey Brand. The wit, charm, and elegance of life in upper class Vienna are all captured in Wine, Woman and Song.Genre:...
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    Recall the days of waiting on the modem? The opening of imitates the tones and burbling noises of a modem or fax. A lovely ballad follows before quickly returning to the previous material.Genre: Band | # of...
  • Young Wizards
    Young Wizards $70.00 Choose Options
    Cast a spell on your audience with this magnificent work for band. Young Wizards is a three-movement composition inspired by the composer's reading of ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.' Students will...