Grade 1

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  • No Bears Allowed (Band Gr. 1)
    No Bears Allowed (Band Gr. 1) $67.00 Choose Options
    No Bears Allowed has been a long coming! The piece started off as an attempt to write a Latin American style dance piece for young band. Many years later, elements of this initial idea can still be heard. The title of the...
  • Nothing But the Best (Band Gr. 1.5)
    Nothing But the Best (Band Gr. 1.5) $70.00 Choose Options
    Nothing But The Best was commissioned by Mitchelton State School, Brisbane. It was premiered at the school’s centenary celebrations by a band made up of current and past students, teachers and parents.Genre: Elementary...
  • Ode to Joy [Compact Band] (Beethoven)
    Ode to Joy [Compact Band] (Beethoven) $49.00 Choose Options
    All musicians should have the opportunity to play the great classics. The masterful scoring of Michael Brand makes it possible for any band to play Beethoven's masterpiece Ode to Joy.Genre: Compact Band | # of Players:...
  • Old Fashioned American Suite
    Old Fashioned American Suite $55.00 Choose Options
    Harken back to a simpler time of concerts in the park and homemade ice cream. With three short movements titled Main Street Celebration, Nostalgia and The Parade, everyone will enjoy the pleasant scenes and memories Old...
  • Old Folks at Home (Dvorak)
    Old Folks at Home (Dvorak) $45.00 Choose Options
    Could Dvorak have known that he was writing a standard piece for young bands when he created this piece? This rendition of Old Folks at Home is ideal for a variety of occasions - concerts, graduation ceremony, and special...
  • Orpheus Can't Can-Can
    Orpheus Can't Can-Can $35.00 Choose Options
    A clever novelty piece based on the the famous Can-Can dance. Wonderful use of percussion intertwined with the easy band parts. Will bring a smile to any audience and make the performers want to play it often.Genre: Band | #...
  • Orpheus in the Urbanworld (Offenbach)
    Orpheus in the Urbanworld (Offenbach) $60.00 Choose Options
    Get ready for a raucous, high-kicking can-can in Ed Kiefer’s setting of Offenbach’s classic! Like all of the other arrangements in this series, it works great with or without the electronic accompaniment, but why...
  • Portraits of a Landscape
    Portraits of a Landscape $35.00 Choose Options
    Genre: Band# of Players: Standard Level: 1.5
  • Premiere Band Folio
    Premiere Band Folio $85.00 Choose Options
    Here's a real bargain that's just what's needed to s..t..r..e..t..c..h that budget. Five complete arrangements are packaged together in an convenient and economical package for young bands. Whether performed separately or...
  • Quiet Moments
    Quiet Moments $67.00 Choose Options
    Quiet Moments requires the young band to play at many dynamic levels, yet maintain balance, tone and tuning within a modal setting.Genre: Elementary Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 1 | Duration: 2:10...
  • Ra: Egyptian Sun God
    Ra: Egyptian Sun God $50.00 Choose Options
    Take a trip across Egypt with the sun god Ra. A fun, thematic work with a full compliment of percussion to add to the flavor of the piece.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 1.5 | Duration: 2:30 InstrumentationFlute...
  • Race to the Moon
    Race to the Moon $75.00 Choose Options
    Race to the Moon is a bright, majestic piece whose fanfare- like qualities remind one of the excitement and adventure of being an Astronaut or Cosmonaut blasting off aboard a giant rocket into space.Genre: Young Band Series...
  • Regal March
    Regal March $67.00 Choose Options
    Using only simple rhythms and a range of six notes, Regal March provides an opportunity for everyone in the ensemble to shine. This piece captures the grandeur and ceremony associated with a royal coronation procession...
  • Rockin' Away the Blues
    Rockin' Away the Blues $60.00 Choose Options
    Your blues won't be around long when you play these blues with your young musicians! An easy-to-play introduction to blues progressions with easy rhythms and in a popular rock style that never goes out of date.Genre: Band |...
  • Rondo/Rockin'
    Rondo/Rockin' $40.00 Choose Options
    The Incredibly Useful Series is an expandable and flexible format allowing performance by as few as four and as many as four thousand players. The first and second parts are doubles at the octave to enable the settings to be...
  • Rule Britannia [Compact Band] (Arne)
    Rule Britannia [Compact Band] (Arne) $49.00 Choose Options
    When it comes to Pomp and Pageantry with a good time being had by all, Britain's Last Night of the Proms takes some beating! This fanfare treatment of Rule Britannia was premiered at the Royal Albert Hall, London and...