Grade 1

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  • Lone Lake Afternoon
    Lone Lake Afternoon $50.00 Choose Options
    As a very easy introduction to canonic themes, Lone Lake Afternoon utilizes easy, accessible melodies suitable for first-year or developing bands. It also presents the opportunity to reinforce contrasting staccato/legato...
  • Lullaby (band)
    Lullaby (band) $67.00 Choose Options
    Lullaby starts and ends with an optional flute solo. If you have a player capable of playing this as a solo, it will help create a sense of intimacy and provide a nice contrast with the rest of the piece. Genre: Beginner...
  • Magic Key, The
    Magic Key, The $67.00 Choose Options
    Maria von Trapp pronounced “Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.” This work is a key that introduces young musicians to the enthralling world of ensemble playing. Opening...
  • Market in Marrakesh
    Market in Marrakesh $67.00 Choose Options
    Market in Marrakesh evokes images of market day with camel trains, merchants and important rulers all coming to buy and sell goods.Genre: Elementary Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 1 | Duration: 2:35...
  • Medieval Fayre
    Medieval Fayre $67.00 Choose Options
    With a simple, minor mode melody, stately fanfare-like figures and plenty of percussion, Medieval Fayre has something for everyone in the band. Genre: Elementary Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 1 | Duration: 2:35...
  • Menehune March
    Menehune March $55.00 Choose Options
    Menehune March is a simple and light concert march for beginning band scored to make an ensemble sound great. Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 1 | Duration: 2:10 InstrumentationFlute B-flat Clarinet 1/2 Bass...
  • Mountain Ridge
    Mountain Ridge $88.00 Choose Options
    Imagine yourself soaring above the tree tops, gliding over the contours of a vast panorama. The wind, colour, the awesome spectacle makes your spirit climb higher. Many times I've stood and tried to grasp the breathtaking...
  • Mt. Fuji
    Mt. Fuji $45.00 Choose Options
    Capture all of the beauty and grandeur of Japan's highest mountain, Mt. Fuji in this programmatic work for beginning band. As you slowly approach the mountain, the woodwinds create an air of excitement. As you reach the...
  • New Anzacs, The
    New Anzacs, The $75.00 Choose Options
    Written during the stirring events which surrounded the 75th anniversary of the birth of the ANZAC'S; this march tries to capture some of the spirit and determination of the 'ordinary' men who became part of the legend...
  • New World Breakdown (Dvorak)
    New World Breakdown (Dvorak) $60.00 Choose Options
    Driving sixteenth notes in the hi-hat and thumping syncopation in the bass create the foundation over which Dvorak’s masterwork can shine. Alternating between double-time and half-time in the accompaniment,...
  • Ode to Joy [Compact Band] (Beethoven)
    Ode to Joy [Compact Band] (Beethoven) $49.00 Choose Options
    All musicians should have the opportunity to play the great classics. The masterful scoring of Michael Brand makes it possible for any band to play Beethoven's masterpiece Ode to Joy.Genre: Compact Band | # of Players:...
  • Old Fashioned American Suite
    Old Fashioned American Suite $55.00 Choose Options
    Harken back to a simpler time of concerts in the park and homemade ice cream. With three short movements titled Main Street Celebration, Nostalgia and The Parade, everyone will enjoy the pleasant scenes and memories Old...
  • Old Folks at Home (Dvorak)
    Old Folks at Home (Dvorak) $45.00 Choose Options
    Could Dvorak have known that he was writing a standard piece for young bands when he created this piece? This rendition of Old Folks at Home is ideal for a variety of occasions - concerts, graduation ceremony, and special...
  • Orpheus Can't Can-Can
    Orpheus Can't Can-Can $35.00 Choose Options
    A clever novelty piece based on the the famous Can-Can dance. Wonderful use of percussion intertwined with the easy band parts. Will bring a smile to any audience and make the performers want to play it often.Genre: Band | #...
  • Orpheus in the Urbanworld (Offenbach)
    Orpheus in the Urbanworld (Offenbach) $60.00 Choose Options
    Get ready for a raucous, high-kicking can-can in Ed Kiefer’s setting of Offenbach’s classic! Lke all of the other arrangements in this series, it works great with or without the electronic accompaniment, but why...
  • Portraits of a Landscape
    Portraits of a Landscape $35.00 Choose Options
    Genre: Band# of Players: Standard Level: 1.5