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02-brolga-music-vector-logo.pngEstablished in 1989 to give voice to young Australian band and orchestra musicians, Brolga Music has gone on to establish itself as the leading publisher and exporter of Australian-composed works for concert band, jazz ensemble and string and full orchestra.  The Brolga Music Publishing Company produces high quality works which reflect the nature of the Australian environment – open, entertaining and enjoyable to play and to listen to.

Brolga composers are Australia’s leading writers and have established an international reputation for the musical integrity of their output. They also provide, at the lower ability levels particularly, a vast resource for teaching and developing young musicians both technically and musically.

Named on select lists around the world, cited in the leading publications regarding teaching music via performance and repertoire development and with commercial compact disc recordings available internationally, Brolga Music publications are located at the forefront of Australia’s music publishing industry.

Brolga Music aims to provide the finest music, for young musicians particularly, and in doing so has provided an Australian experience for musicians across the globe.

A unique sound from a unique company – Brolga Music Publishing Company – Australia’s finest musical voice.

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  • Festal Intrada
    Festal Intrada $100.00 Choose Options
    This concert opener must be effervescent, but not irreverent; must have energy, refined by composure. Genre: Concert Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 2:25 InstrumentationPiccolo Flute 1, 2 Oboe 1, 2...
  • Fiesta
    Fiesta $75.00 Choose Options
    The notion of enjoyment, having fun at a fiesta was the composer's inspiration. The result, as you will hear, is a playable, rhythmic and appealing composition.Genre: Young Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 1.5 |...
  • Forge of Vulcan, The
    Forge of Vulcan, The $67.00 Choose Options
    The Forge of Vulcan allows the conductor to focus on teaching musical imagery and narrative, reinforcing learned rhythms, rhythmic accuracy and note length, consistency in keeping tempo and ensemble development.Genre:...
  • Gain Wisdom
    Gain Wisdom $105.00 Choose Options
    Gain Wisdom was written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Glen Waverley Secondary College. Composed in a fanfare style and celebratory nature, the school's motto serves as the genesis of all the music presented in the...
  • Gateway to the Alps
    Gateway to the Alps $100.00 Choose Options
    This piece presents the listener with images of a picturesque countryside and the people who live there. An energetic main theme is interspersed with swirls of sound depicting the snow's arrival on the Australian Alps.Genre:...
  • Geronimo
    Geronimo $67.00 Choose Options
    Brian West has penned another evocative, programmatic work for elementary band. Take a trip to a Native American village and have your young musicians introduced to the spirit of this music by way of ostinato rhythms, simple...
  • Gladiator
    Gladiator $67.00 Choose Options
    The sun glints on the drawn sword of the gladiator as he stands and waits to confront his foe. Eyes of ice, nerves of steel and a confidence born of many a success in the arena, he contemplates nothing but victory again.The...
  • Gone Troppo (concert band)
    Gone Troppo (concert band) $67.00 Choose Options
    These simple melodies and gentle rhythms have been combined into a delightful and refreshing piece for young musicians from the pen of a young musician.Genre: Young Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 1.5 | Duration:...
  • Gum Leaf Rag
    Gum Leaf Rag $75.00 Choose Options
    Gum Leaf Rag was inspired by the Ragtime music of the legendary Scott Joplin. Featuring the characteristic oom- pah bass and accompaniment along with the mandatory "jaunty" syncopated melody, Gum Leaf Rag will not only...
  • Gypsies
    Gypsies $110.00 Choose Options
    Incorporating part of an eastern European folk song called “Ushti Ushti Baba” traditionally used during wedding celebrations, Gypsies recreates the sense of spontaneity, celebration and intense emotion that is so...
  • Hang Five/Blues All Night
    Hang Five/Blues All Night $45.00 Choose Options
    Each set in the Incredibly Flexible Class Band Series features Rock style compositions suitable for players of one to three years experience. All pieces have fully scored rhythm section parts - Keyboard, Guitar, Bass guitar...
  • High Country
    High Country $105.00 Choose Options
    A majestic theme represents the spirit of the high country with pulsing rhythms accompanying it. Genre: Concert Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 4:50 InstrumentationPiccolo Flute Oboe Bassoon Bb...
  • Hornet's Nest, The
    Hornet's Nest, The $145.00 Choose Options
    The Hornet's Nest is programmatic and has been written to depict aspects of the F- 18 Hornets operations. It is dedicated to the men of the R.A.A.F. Hornet squadron.Genre: Symphonic Repertoire for Band | # of Players:...
  • Hornpipe
    Hornpipe $90.00 Choose Options
    After hearing the music used in the successful touring dance production Riverdance, Brian West was inspired to write a work for young band with the vigour and life found in Irish folk music. The modal nature of the work, and...
  • If Ye Love Me (Band Gr. 4)
    If Ye Love Me (Band Gr. 4) $95.00 Choose Options
    If Ye Love Me is a paraphrase arrangement of the Thomas Tallis four-part motet of the same name. Hultgren skillfully created a transparent setting giving the original music ‘room’ to speak and the new music a...
  • In Celebration
    In Celebration $95.00 Choose Options
    A trumpet fanfare and flourish of woodwinds set the scene for this vibrant concert opener with thematic material has its origings in the famous Australian folk song Moreton Bay.Genre: Young Band Series | # of Players:...