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02-brolga-music-vector-logo.pngEstablished in 1989 to give voice to young Australian band and orchestra musicians, Brolga Music has gone on to establish itself as the leading publisher and exporter of Australian-composed works for concert band, jazz ensemble and string and full orchestra.  The Brolga Music Publishing Company produces high quality works which reflect the nature of the Australian environment – open, entertaining and enjoyable to play and to listen to.

Brolga composers are Australia’s leading writers and have established an international reputation for the musical integrity of their output. They also provide, at the lower ability levels particularly, a vast resource for teaching and developing young musicians both technically and musically.

Named on select lists around the world, cited in the leading publications regarding teaching music via performance and repertoire development and with commercial compact disc recordings available internationally, Brolga Music publications are located at the forefront of Australia’s music publishing industry.

Brolga Music aims to provide the finest music, for young musicians particularly, and in doing so has provided an Australian experience for musicians across the globe.

A unique sound from a unique company – Brolga Music Publishing Company – Australia’s finest musical voice.

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  • Bow Fiddle Rock March (Band Gr. 0.5)
    Bow Fiddle Rock March (Band Gr. 0.5) $70.00 Choose Options
    This march for beginning wind band aims to encapsulate the beauty of Scotland's Bow Fiddle Rock throughout the changing weather.Genre: Elementary Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 0.5 | Duration: 1:46...
  • Brave, The
    Brave, The $95.00 Choose Options
    The title of the work, The Brave, is derived from the McKinnon Clan motto “Fortune favours the bold”. While the music does not follow any particular event it does attempt to capture a Scottish flavour and...
  • Bunyip Blues
    Bunyip Blues $67.00 Choose Options
    A driving, riff based piece introducing the creepy, mysterious feel of the minor scale. At one moment a rock blues, the next a jazz style blues - truly a Bunyip Blues.Genre: Elementary Band Series | # of Players: Standard...
  • Bushdance
    Bushdance $205.00 Add To Cart
    Bushdance was written to feature the songs of the Australian bushdance and to portray the excitement of the trip to and participation in the evening's entertainment.Genre: Symphonic Repertoire Series | # of Players: Standard...
  • Camel Train
    Camel Train $75.00 Choose Options
    Bobbing along on the back of a Camel, the celebration and excitement of the journey across the desert to a beautiful oasis. The hot relentless sun and distant horizon over endless sand dunes. Ride along on the gentle swaying...
  • Cantabile
    Cantabile $67.00 Choose Options
    Music can make you dance, it can make you leap with joy, or march and pound your feet on the ground. But music can also coax you to sing, to open your mouth and let your voice be heard. Cantabile has a beautiful, simple...
  • Charmer, The
    Charmer, The $75.00 Choose Options
    The Charmer has a marked Eastern flavour- redolent of magic, deserts, camels, minarets, even snake charmers!Genre: Young Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 2 | Duration: 2:57 InstrumentationFlute Oboe Bassoon Bb...
  • Chase at Midnight
    Chase at Midnight $70.00 Choose Options
    Since the earliest days of film, music has been a key element in creating moods and setting the scene. As a result, certain types of music now evoke images and scenes by themselves. And so it is with Chase At Midnight. Fast...
  • Chillin' With Max
    Chillin' With Max $85.00 Choose Options
    Who is Max? No-one knows for sure what he really looks like under his felt hat and dark glasses. What they do know is that he comes to the same table by the window at the same time every Friday night. And his order is always...
  • Cinque Quattro alla Marcia
    Cinque Quattro alla Marcia $75.00 Choose Options
    With regal tones and fanfares of trumpets this piece allows the young musician to proclaim and sing forth in a style reminiscent of Elgar, Walton and the heroic film music of recent years, Cinque Quattro Alla Marcia is a...
  • Circus Marchimus
    Circus Marchimus $75.00 Choose Options
    Circus Marchimus is an original work that utilitises elements of a traditional march such as different moods and contrasting sections.Genre: Young Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 2 | Duration: 2:45...
  • City Life
    City Life $67.00 Choose Options
    Life in the city is not always smooth and peaceful! The associated sound are a mixture of consonance and dissonance. This piece features an interplay of simple, repetitive melodies against clashing sounds of semitone...
  • Clowning Around
    Clowning Around $75.00 Choose Options
    Everyone loves a circus! Come inside the Big Top, hear the master of Ceremonies and view the Grand parade. Imagine the lights dimming and a lone spotlight focusing up high to the graceful trapeze artist. Finally, follow the...
  • Concert Prelude (Hultgren)
    Concert Prelude (Hultgren) $110.00 Choose Options
    Concert Prelude is a vibrant concert overture that features the full resources of the wind orchestra. Wind, brass and percussion are juxtaposed in antiphonal dialogue and then gently wedded together in intimate chamber music...
  • Concertino for Wind Orchestra (Gr. 4.5)
    Concertino for Wind Orchestra (Gr. 4.5) $125.00 Choose Options
    Concertino for Wind Orchestra features each section and has a finale embracing them all. Hultgren wrote a work that gave time for the players to focus on making music and not scramble to acquit all the notes. Genre:...
  • Conquest
    Conquest $100.00 Choose Options
    After a majestic opening, this piece is propelled forward by a pulsing, rhythmic soundscape. Genre: Concert Band Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 4:00 InstrumentationPiccolo Flute Oboe Bassoon Bb Clarinet...