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Band Trip


Genre: Band
# of Players: Standard
Level: 4 | Duration: 4:10
Publisher: C. Alan Publications | Copyright: 2011

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  • Notes & Instrumentation

    Reber Clark's Band Trip attempts to encompass the many events a student might encounter on a typical school band trip – the excitement of performance, the travel, the new experiences, some drama and a lot of craziness.

    Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard
    Level: 4 | Duration: 4:10

    Bb Clarinet 1
    Bb Clarinet 2
    Bb Clarinet 3
    Bb Bass Clarinet
    Eb Alto Saxophone 1
    Eb Alto Saxophone 2
    Bb Tenor Saxophone
    Eb Baritone Saxophone

    Bb Trumpet 1
    Bb Trumpet 2
    Bb Trumpet 3
    F Horn 1
    F Horn 2
    F Horn 3
    Trombone 1
    Trombone 2
    Trombone 3
    Baritone T.C.

    Timpani (4 drums)
    Percussion 1 (Snare Drum, Bass Drum)
    Percussion 2 (Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal)
    Percussion 3 (Orchestra Bells)
    Percussion 4 (Xylophone, Triangle)
    Percussion 5 (Triangle, Tambourine)

    Program Notes
    Band Trip was commissioned by the Lisle Band Parent Organization and the Lisle Community Band in Lisle, Illinois and dedicated to Mr. Steven Green, Director of Bands for Lisle High School on the occasion of his retirement after 30 years.

    I have been in bands since I was in sixth grade. The annual band trip is always one of the highlights and privileges of being a member of the band and for many is a peak experience of their high school career. I have traveled with bands over the years as a student, director, chaperone and guest artist. The trips and bands have ranged from local outings to cross-country bus trips to trans-Atlantic journeys involving planes, trains, buses, watercraft and countless other modes of transportation. No matter how simple or exotic the trip, the bands are remarkably similar in how they enjoy it.

    Trip events are also very similar; not bounded by resources or goals. There is always the crazy person, the crazy group of kids, the shy ones, the new boyfriend-girlfriend, the troublemakers and the easy going ones. There is usually one big performance that the ensemble readies itself for and, this being the first time some are away from home, the challenges that this presents are many – for the students as well as their chaperones and directors. Some students stay up too late and don’t get enough sleep. Some eat too much pizza with the attending consequences. There are the inevitable rule breakers but most abide by the rules, take care of business and perform admirably. It is amazing to watch. Band comprises some of the most disciplined students in high school and no matter how raucous they get on the trip, they always buckle down and treat their performances seriously.

    The band at Lisle is no exception. They always have a great time and lots of fun but take care of business when it is time. Of course there are the inevitable dramas and crises as well as exciting performances and their attendant anxieties. There is usually some craziness and there are even occasional injuries, but without fail the band always rallies to its members and attains its goals.

    Band Trip attempts to encompass the many events attendant to a typical band trip – the excitement of performance, the travel, the new experiences, some drama and a little craziness. The band trip is one of the most iconic of all high school experiences. It is remembered and talked about for years and sometimes decades afterwards. Both of my daughters have been through Mr. Green’s excellent music department and its band trips. Being in the Lisle band program was one of the most positive and focused experiences of their school careers. I wish nothing but the very best for Steve in his definitely earned and well-deserved retirement.

    - Reber Clark

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